newly created parallelcluster UI will not take username/password combo


I created a parallelcluster UI (v 3.8.0) with quick-create link provided in the parallelcluster documentation ( The cloud stack was created successfully, and when I click the provided link on my output tab, I get redirected to the UI interface. However, when I put in my username/password combination that has worked on previous versions of PC UI (v. 3.5.0), it says my login failed. I then proceeded to click on the 'forgot password' link, but I've waited over 24 hours with no reset code provided to my email.

Is there any solution to this? I can manually spin up/down my cluster from the CLI, but the UI interface makes it soooooo much easier. Thanks.

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Answered my own question -- the email from AWS was in my spam folder. SMH......

answered 2 months ago
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