Additional verification required to request certificates for one or more domain names in this request.


My AWS SSL certificate failed to renew with the message "Additional verification required to request certificates for one or more domain names in this request.". The User Guide suggests the following: "ACM requires additional information to process this certificate request. This happens as a fraud-protection measure if your domain ranks within the Alexa top 1000 websites. To provide the required information, use the Support Center to contact AWS Support. If you don't have a support plan, post a new thread in the ACM Discussion Forum."

Needless to say, all the required for the verification DNS records are there. This certificate was first issued in 2019 and then successfully renewed itself yearly until now. Unfortunately I don't have a support contract, so posting here looks like my only hope to resolve this.

So here I am following the suggestions from the User Guide. Any ideas what to do next? Your help will be highly appreciated!

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You can open ticket with basic support to perform additional verification(adding to allow list) the domain names in the certificate, they should be able to help.

Use AWS_ACM_RENEWAL_FAILURE event in future to track these failures.

Additionally if support is unable to help, obtain a certificate from a third party that can issue a certificate for your domain, and import the certificate into ACM

answered 2 years ago

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