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Hi, I'm using the GO SDK V2 to fetch all the EIPs of an account. My goal is to get the number of EIPs in a specific account.

I couldn't find a paginator option for this API call DescribeAddresses.

There is a paginator/next token option for the DescribeAddressesAttribute API call, but for this option, I could not retrieve all the EIPs addresses of the account. Actually without attribute passed, I got an empty result [].

I have a couple of questions:

  1. Is there a way to use pagination for DescribeAddresses?
  2. Is there a parameter for DescribeAddressesAttribute to make this call to retrieve all EIPs?
  3. What is the maximal number of EIPs in an account?
  4. What is the maximal number of results that can be returned from DescribeAddresses?

Thank you, Ori Adler

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1 Answer

DescribeAddresses isn't a paginated API action. It will return all Elastic IP addresses in the targeted account and region. Perhaps you are invoking it against the wrong account or region?

The maximum number of EIPs in an account and region is 5 by default, but is adjustable by issuing a service limit request.

answered 2 years ago

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