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Hi, I have problems with route 53 and S3 static website. The problem accours when I try to use aliases in A-record. I'm using proper s3 bucket access link like the following "". But showing up as not valid.

I can reach the S3 endpoint in browser.

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It seems there are a couple issues that could be causing the domain record pointing to your S3 static website to not resolve properly.

Make sure the S3 bucket name matches the domain/subdomain name exactly. For example, if your domain is "", the S3 bucket name needs to be "" as well.

Check that the S3 bucket is correctly configured as a static website endpoint. You can find documentation on how to set this up properly at

When creating the Route 53 record, be sure to use an ALIAS record and select the correct S3 website endpoint as the target. The target needs to match the region your S3 bucket was created in.

Test that you can access the S3 website URL directly in your browser, such as "". If this doesn't work, the S3 configuration likely needs adjustment.

Double check your Route 53 record configuration matches the above steps exactly. Small differences could cause issues.

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