Apply for Both AWS Activate Founder and AWS Activate Portfolio?


Hi, is it possible that I receive the 1000 USD credits under AWS Activate Founder First and Apply for AWS Activate Portfolio late once I have a startup enabler in place or is it like I can only apply for one offering of the two?

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Hi, those 2 questions from the FAQ will answer your question

Q. I have received AWS credits from AWS EdStart or other AWS
 credit program. Does this make me ineligible for AWS Activate?
No. AWS credits issued by Activate are not impacted by previous 
AWS credits you may have received through other programs including 
AWS EdStart.

Q. My startup has received AWS credits previously from AWS Activate
 Portfolio. Am I eligible to apply again?
You can apply for AWS Activate credits again as long as your application 
is 1) for a greater amount of AWS Activate credits than your previous 
approved application; 2) you haven’t received the maximum lifetime value 
of $100,000 in AWS Activate credits not including AWS Support plan credits; 
3) you have a valid Org ID and 4) you still meet the criteria of the 
Activate credits program.
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  • I read them earlier but I thought they were not specifically talking about credits earlier received from AWS Activate Founder, so asked this question. Thanks for answering.

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