Is it necessary to migrate data when migrating away from Sagemaker classic?

0 has a overview explanation of the process needed to migrate data away from Sagemaker classic to the new Sagemaker w/ EBS. However, says that the new Sagemaker can have studio with EFS. In that case why would I need to migrate data?

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As Amazon SageMaker Studio spaces states, the new Amazon SageMaker Studio uses an EBS volume by default, which ensures a private space between user/profiles across domain.

As you said, there is still possible to get a shared space creating a SageMaker Studio Classic which uses EFS, but this creates a new Studio Classic space with a new EFS attached (is not possible to migrate an existing attached EFS between spaces), thus data migration is still recommended to keep data after migrating to the new SageMaker domain.

Said that, if you're planning to use SageMaker Studio Classic I'd recommend the steps in the Backup and recovery section here.

If there's only a small amount of profiles/files, you can use S3 as intermediate storage.

answered 5 months ago
  • If we already have Sagemaker Studio Classic with an EFS volume. Is it not possible to attach this same EFS volume to new spaces in the new Studio?

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