Disk space and memory reserved by fargate for publishing logs.


We are currently performing chaos testing o our service which uses fargate. We observed that when we hogged the disk with100% disk space still logs were getting published by the fargate and no logs were discarded. I wanted to know does fargate reserve some additional space for publishing the logs.

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Hi. Assuming you are using the default logging driver, most likely AWS CloudWatch, the capture of the logs from your containers is sent to CW directly, not stored on disks. We run 100s of services and never once have we had a disk capacity error due to logs with AWS Fargate and the CW Log driver (or Fluent-Bit for that matter).

If your application has multiple log streams configured internally and one of these is file, then might be worth to disable it then when running in Fargate, and stick to stdout/stderr

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answered 2 years ago

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