AWS Redshift query editor v2 - Run button is inactive for all saved queries



All of a sudden, I cannot run any saved query in AWS Redshift query editor v2 as Run button became inactive for unknown reasons. If i create a new query, it works fine until i save it. What is happening and how to fix it? Closing and re-opening browser and tab did not help. I use MS Edge, latest version, and do not want to switch or try anything else.

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Run button is inactive

answered a year ago
Accepted Answer

It is back to normal

answered a year ago

I have the same problem today. It seems a bug was introduced into a new version release perhaps. I have to copy saved queries into a new session window. If I save that one then the run button gets disabled. I tried a variety of things, like changing the connection, cluster, database, etc, and nothing worked.

answered a year ago

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