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Customer wants to know if AWS AI/ML services integrate with Power BI. The customer currently uses Power BI that integrates with Azure ML for sentiment analysis, opinion mining, etc. Customer is looking for a push button solution where the business analyst can do text analytics on the response from the model. Is there a way to do this on AWS or a marketplace solution?

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PowerBI can connect to Amazon Redshift and leverage the new SQL based ML capability in Redshift that uses Sagemaker under the hood.

As an alternative thought the customer can integrate Amazon Sagemaker Model with Amazon Quicksight to achieve functionality very similar to PowerBI with Azure ML. Quicksight does have some embedded ML capability like forecasting and anomaly detection but Opinion mining is not one of them yet.

You should be able to leverage Blazing Text Algorithm in Sagemaker or some market place solution like Twinword sentiment model in sagemaker for sentiment analysis for Text mining after the integration.

answered 3 years ago
answered 2 years ago

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