Using DataSync, unable to transfer files from one FSx for Lustre to another in separate VPC's



I am trying to use AWS DataSync to transfer files from one FSx for Lustre setup in the original default VPC to a new VPC with another FSx for Lustre that's already setup. I am copying from "/" on the source to "/" on the destination. When I try to run the task, I get the following error: Task failed to access location loc-sourcelocation:x40017: Mount command timed out.

Both FSx for Lustre setups are in the same region. I copied the settings for the 2nd one to match the first one. They both have security groups that have the All traffic rule for all protocols, ports and the source being the security group it's in. They also have rules for ports 988 and 1021-1023 with the source also being the security group. VPC Peering has been setup as well between the two VPC's. I have been looking at the steps here: and am not sure what I'm missing. I look in the FSx console and it shows the status for both as available.

I've tried looking around on the internet, but have not had any success finding anybody who's done this before. No videos or anything like that. It feels like I'm missing something, but I'm not sure what it is.

  • So, since there doesn't seem to be an answer for DataSync, I'd like to ask, is there an alternative to DataSync? What else could we use to transfer the files from one FSx Lustre to another?

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I wonder if this is a case where VPC endpoint configurations are required. Sounds like you want your traffic to remain private.

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answered a year ago
  • So I am using VPC Peering, which if I'm understanding from the link you provided, keeps the traffic private. Will using the AWS PrivateLink make any difference? I'm not seeing this in any documentation, but do I need any sort of EC2 client for this to work? I didn't see anything about that anywhere, but just wonder if I'm missing something to make this work properly.

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