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Hello, The NICE DCV Client used to visualise our red hat 7.9 server which uses a GNOME desktop environment has an on-screen keyboard issue. The on-screen keyboard randomly pops up when a user is working in their virtual session. All the on-screen key board settings have been disabled and there are no hot keys to that effect. keyboard-settings On-screen keyboard Menace It has become a real menace in our organisation. I have contacted Red Hat but they insist it may be the DCV. I am hoping someone can gracefully assist me. Thanks

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You can try this workaround to disable the gnome on-screen keyboard pop-up:

Inside the gnome environment press the key combination ALT+F2. A dialog should open and ask for a command. Just type r and press Enter. This should refresh the gnome-shell and make the on-screen-keyboard disappear without closing any X graphical application.

answered 4 months ago
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  • Thanks very much, not a permanent solution but it differently works.

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