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I just wanted to know for what all the security preventative Controls of ec2 service which are high and critical and also SCP’s can be used to prevent them ? Do we have any documentation pages where I can find all the security controls/best practices related to all aws services which are ec2, s3, EFS etc which are detective , and preventive controls and also can we use SCP’s to control the preventive and detective controls.

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You can find some of the example SCPs for EC2 here:

Please note that this doesn't have all security controls you are looking out for. Once you have all the preventive controls list ready then explore the options and feasibility of implementing them using SCP and AWS Config and Config Conformance packs:

Conformance packs are a powerful feature in AWS Config that help you manage the configuration compliance of your AWS resources at scale. They bundle together AWS Config rules and optional remediation actions into a single, deployable entity.

Similarly you can find for other services you have mentioned.

Good part is that you don't have to author everything from scratch. Following link has a lot of them from AWSLabs:

Hope it helps.

answered 2 months ago

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