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if I had c6i.4xlarge under cost saving plan for the family c6i and I upgrade it to c6i.8xlarge for 2 weeks and then downgrade it . what happens in this case to my charges? will it have doubling effect in the charges for the 2 weeks?

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If you have a savings plan that covers a c6i.4xl and you upgrade to the c6i.8xl, then the savings plan will cover half the cost of the c6i.8xl and the other half will be the on-demand price. When you return the instance to c6i.4xl, the savings plan will continue to cover it. Therefore, you will have an on-demand charge for the time the instance is a c6i.8xl, but the savings plan utilization should not change.

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answered a year ago
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reviewed a year ago

It will replace the cost for 2 weeks in which you use upgraded size and cost will be according of upgraded size for 2 weeks and remaining cost will be according to downgraded size

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answered a year ago

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