To allow access from the server behind alb, which address should I enter, alb or server?


I created a server behind alb. You are trying to connect from that server to another server that is not connected to alb.

I am not sure whether to put the alb ip or the server ip to set the security group of the server not connected to alb, so I put both.

In the case of alb, I know that all server communication is done through alb, so I think alb alone is fine, but I think I need to write the destination, so I think I need to put the server ip as well.

I wonder if it is enough to set the security group with only one alb address or both.

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If the traffic is initiated from the server then it will come from the server IP address and it won't go through the ALB. Traffic that comes from the server but is in response to a session that was initiated from the ALB (in turn, which came from something external) will return through the ALB.

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answered 5 months ago

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