What and How much will it cost me approximately and what do I need for the website and email and domain


Hello, I have a big request for you, could you please advise me with:

  1. What services do I need when I need to create a domain, an email for this domain and a website that will run both front and backend and it will be a WordPress site. At the same time, I would need automatically increasing storage space

  2. How much could it cost me? I read about some queries and the like, but I don't understand it at all and I don't know where and who to turn to, the size of the page could be 3-8 GB max at the beginning

Thank you :)

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It is wonderful to see that you are considering AWS to host you website and email domain! Your best next step is to reach out to Sales Support: https://aws.amazon.com/contact-us/sales-support/ . They will put you in contact with an AWS Account Manager and a dedicated AWS Solutions Architect. The AWS Solutions Architect can then provide you an architecture meeting your specific requirements, based on your cost, security, reliability, performance, and operational requirements. The AWS platform is vast and the services meet different needs. However, let me give you a basic idea to get started:

  1. A very simple solution will likely involve Amazon Route53 and Amazon Lightsail. Here is a link to a blog on launching a WordPress Website using Amazon Lightsail Containers: https://aws.amazon.com/blogs/compute/launching-a-wordpress-website-using-amazon-lightsail-containers/.

However, the requirements for your WordPress site may be more complex and could involve using CloudFront, EC2, Amazon RDS, Amazon Elastic LoadBalancers, Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), Auto-Scaling, etc. In fact, we have a whitepaper detailing Best Practices for WordPress on AWS: https://aws.amazon.com/blogs/architecture/wordpress-best-practices-on-aws/.

For your email domain, you will also likely be looking at Amazon Route53 and using Simple Email Service. Keep in mind, WordPress also provides email plugins, so that may be a better route to go depending on your needs.

For expanding storage, it would be good to clarify if you mean the database or the storage capacity of the infrastructure supporting the WordPress website. Amazon Relational Database Service does support storage Auto-scaling.

  1. As far as costs, there is not enough information to provide an exact estimate. However, assuming you go with a simple Amazon Route53 deployment ($2-$5), smallest Amazon Lightsail instance ($3.50) and database ($15), and a basic configuration for Simple Email Service ($1.50-9.50), I could end up spending around $22-$32 per month or so. I wouldn't expect it to be cheaper than that with this configuration, and this is assuming a very primitive setup of WordPress. Once you connect with your AWS Solutions Architect, I would recommend looking into the AWS Pricing Calculator to generate a better estimate: https://calculator.aws/#/.

I hope this helps give a sense of direction. If you found this answer helpful, please upvote and accept! Thank you.

answered a year ago

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