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I am trying to use a marketplace AMI image in EC2 image builder - running the image pipeline is giving this error: An error occurred (OptInRequired) when calling the RunInstances operation: In order to use this AWS Marketplace product you need to accept terms and subscribe.

Can this be integrated in the CFN template? Also if I opt-in manually for the first time for a particular AMI, will it work on updated AMI, like when the same vendor updates the AMI, hence the ami name will change? Thanks

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Short answer to the question is no, you should accept the terms manually from AWS console in this account and your automation(cloudformation in this case) would work throughout the life of AMI.

Second Question:

I mentioned automation would work throughout the life of AMI, but this is subjective and would depend on factors, what are those changes which happened to AMI and does your source AMI filter condition covers those changes or not. In my experience, I have seen both scenarios, where changes to AMI didn't require to opt-in again and there have been case cases, where I had to opt-in again.

Hope you find this useful.


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  • Thanks, it makes sense, AWS support has confirmed the same

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