Can Wordpress Plugin Crash with WooCommerce cause database problem?



Last week, my website all of a sudden crashed, meaning more than 50% of product images are gone including the webpage logo. WooCommerce Status says lots of files that crashed, needed to be overriden. All files are updated, no error files, no crash anymore. I used Snapshot to restore back, but it didn't fix initially. Also, there were 6 pages were thrown in the Trash, so the pages were not loading as well.

I can't seem to find any reason or how multiple image files and pages are deleted?

Now, I restored the instance on Lightsail, but wonder if restoring image files again would fix the issue?

Please help.

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This is not a Lightsail issue, but a plugin issue called WooCommerce, so we recommend contacting plugin support.

If you inquire and get an answer that all you need to do is restore the images, I think it is possible to restore the instance from the Lightsail snapshot and restore data such as images.

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answered 2 months ago
  • Thanks for your comment. I restored the instance, but it didn't fix the images. Wondered if this is database problem related to Amazon AWS.

  • Data from databases running on AWS will not be automatically deleted. So it seems that a WordPress plugin is causing the problem. If a WordPress plugin is causing a problem, it is best to contact the plugin's support. You may be able to restore your Lightsail database back from a snapshot or similar, but unless you resolve the root cause of the plugin issue, the same issue may reoccur.

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