AWS Backup - two ec2 instances are assigned as the protected services - but I see an EBS snapshot in the vault?


I have simple backup job defined with two ec2 instances configured as the protected resources. But in the vault I see the two EC2 instances plus an EBS volume. If the backup service creates a snapshot of the attached EBS volumes while backing up the EC2 instances, then shouldn't I see two sets of EBS resources in the backup vault?

One of the EC2 instances' volumes is a GP3 that has a minimum IOPS set, does the type of storage affect how AWS backups the EC2 instance?

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Backup plans are based on tags and applied to specific resources. Could you please check the current configuration is in the Resource assignments section for the plan you refer to?

For example, a plan that has the following resource assignments configuration will backup all EC2 instances and EBS volumes that have a tag with the name: "Backup" and value: "Yes".

Assign by ARN prefix
Tags - equal
aws:ResourceTag/Backup - Yes

You can also check if an EBS volume is unattached to these EC2 instances. We can configure each EC2 instance to keep the EBS volumes after its termination, sometimes resulting in leftovers.

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  • So if I added a "Name" tag to my EBS volume and used the same value as an EC2 name tag, then both resources (the EBS and EC2) would get backed up.

    Thanks for clarifying.

    If I rename the EBS name tag, will the next backup job then only match on the EC2 tags?

  • You should use more specific tag like Backup for example, Name is generic one and will lead to confusions. If you share the "resource assignments configuration" from your plan I can provide you with more recommendations.

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