I suspended the account, is there a way to recover files from a deleted instance?


I closed an AWS account at the customer's request, where there was an instance with Moodle installed.

Before closing, I backed up the files, generating zip via a Linux terminal. In Wordpress I made a backup of the entire "apps" folder and in the Moodle Instance I made a backup of the entire "stack" folder and also the MariaDB sql.

It turns out that the client now wants to return with the Moodle instance, where he has classes with students. I went to investigate the backup and it doesn't have the default Moodle folder which would be /bitnami/moodledata. I scoured the entire backup to find student data and I couldn't find it. In the config.php file, where the path and directory are configured, this should be it.

Is it possible to recover this folder with the files? I looked through the Bitnami and Moodle documentation and the path to the files would be this. I don't know if when installing the instance AWS changes the path to some other location, but before making the backup I looked at the bitnami folder at the root of the instance and it was empty.

I really don't know what could have happened. Could someone help me with this?

Could you ask if AWS keeps backups of instances for a minimum period after the customer has deleted?

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The content of terminated instances / terminated EBS volumes cannot be recovered. If you had a snapshot of that volume it may persist for some number of days after terminating the AWS account before the account-reaper destroys it, you'll need to talk to AWS support about it.

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answered a year ago
  • No snapshot was taken.

    The thing is, you have to pay a support plan just to be told you can't recover.

    I would like to get an answer before giving the customer a yes or a no.


The question is whether AWS keeps an internal snapshot of the backup.

Does anyone know or do I need to hire a support plan to get an answer?

answered a year ago

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