my s3 bucket static website can not accessed, Bucket website endpoint 400 Bad Request



Property 1

Property 2

Property 3




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Because your bucket is encrypted with customer-managed keys, I think you will have trouble serving it this way.

However, a better way to create a static website with customer-managed keys is to use an Amazon CloudFront distribution for the bucket. This blog describes how to use CloudFront origin access control to serve a website from a bucket that is encrypted with customer-managed keys:

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I make sure that my bucket use AWS managed keys, not Customer managed keys

and all objects inside my bucket don't use any encrypted keys and inherit my bucket.

AWS managed keys

I not only review you says blog, but also review s3 and cloudfront official docs step by step. s3 don' t work, cloudfront don't work too.

please help me. what's wrong?

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answered a year ago

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