How To Update Ami Tools At Boot Time ?

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We recommend that your AMIs download and upgrade the Amazon EC2 AMI creation tools during startup. This ensures that new AMIs based on your shared AMIs will have the latest AMI tools. https://documentation.help/ec2-dg-2009-04-04/building-shared-amis.html#public-amis-update-ami-tools

For Fedora Add the following to rc.local:

Update the Amazon EC2 AMI creation tools

echo " + Updating ec2-ami-tools" wget http://s3.amazonaws.com/ec2-downloads/ec2-ami-tools.noarch.rpm &&
rpm -Uvh ec2-ami-tools.noarch.rpm &&
echo " + Updated ec2-ami-tools"

For other distributions: For other distributions: On most Red Hat systems, add these steps to your /etc/rc.d/rc.local script. On Gentoo systems, add them to /etc/conf.d/local.local. On Ubuntu systems, add them to /etc/rc.local. On Debian, you might need to create a start up script in /etc/init.d and use update-rc.d <scriptname> defaults 99 (where <scriptname> is the name of the script you created) and add the steps to this script.

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