End-of-life date is approaching for Amazon RDS for MySQL database instances on M4, R4, T2 instance types


I've received this EOL email and I'm trying to discern which of my resources are affected.

The AWS email states:

...you have one or more Amazon RDS for MySQL database instances running on db.m4, db.r4, or db.t2 instance types. We plan to retire all M4, R4, and T2 instances by April 2024. We recommend that you upgrade all your db.m4, db.r4, or db.t2 instance types prior to their retirement.

Your affected Amazon RDS for MySQL instances are listed in "Affected Resources" tab of the AWS Health Dashboard.

I have two db.t2 instances; one of them runs Aurora MySQL and the other runs MySQL Community. Going to my AWS Health Dashboard only the instance running MySQL Community engine appears as an affected resource.

Is it safe to assume that what AWS is referring to as "Amazon RDS for MySQL database instances running db.m4, db.r4, or db.t2" only applies to instance types specifically running MySQL Community for its engine? In other words my Aurora MySQL instance, or any other engine for that matter, that doesn't appear in the Health Dashboard can continue to use the db.t2 class past the EOL on April 2024?

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Yes, I believe that contact is about Amazon RDS for MySQL, so Aurora MySQL is not covered.
RDS for MySQL and Aurora MySQL are similar but different engines, so when Aurora MySQL is discontinued, it will be specifically stated as Aurora MySQL.

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answered 10 months ago
  • Riku, thanks for your explanation!

  • What is the equivalent instance type for db.t2 family?

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