Is AWS IoT Core the right choice?


Hey guys,

I just want to do a simple IoT thing the other way round. What you can find on YouTube etc. are tutorials that setup a Raspberry Pi to send sensor data to the AWS cloud. I want to go the other way round: I have a mobile application and if an event is triggered here (click on a dedicated button), it should trigger an event on the Pi to execute some Python code.

Is AWS IoT Core the right product for it or must I go with API Gateway WebSockets instead? Unfortunately I wasn't able to find a good example online for this (from my point of view) standard IoT scenario.

Thanks a lot for ya help!

Rene B.
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AWS IoT Core uses MQTT protocol to communicate with your Raspberry.
You have SDKs written in almost every languages.
You can do D2C and C2D.
An easy solution for you would be , when the user clicks the button on your mobile app, it triggers a function on your API that publishes to a MQTT topic and on the raspberry you just need to subscribe to the same topic to receive the message.

You can find some nice tutorial directly on AWS documentation :

Hope it helps

answered 4 years ago

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