Does Lightsail is an independent service?


I am deploying a Lightsail Wordpress instance for my one subdomain. The AWS route 53/cloudfront/certificate-manager are supporting my other subdomains.

During the Lightsail Wordpress instance deployment, I observe that

a. the Lightsail DNS host zone does not support route 53 domain name service.

b. the Route 53 host zone does not access Lightsail distribution and Lightsail load balancer (I try to add a a-record of subdomain with distribution, from route 53 host zone, the route 53 host zone can not see the Lightsail distribution) .

c. the Lightsail instance subdomain certificate is not shown in AWS certificate manager (The certification is shown in hightail account),

My observation indicates that Lightsail is an independent from the AWS other services, include the AWS route 53/cloudfront/certificate-manager.

Please comment if my observation is correct? Thank you in advance.

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If you created a Public hosted zone in Route53, you can create a record to point to Lightsail Application Load balancer. The resource will not show in the drop down list during the process, but all you need is to copy and paste the DNS name there and create the DNS record. Use the 3rd option from this link: Because the API operations separation, Route 53, can't list the resources in Lightsail, however, the record should be created with no problem.

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answered 3 months ago
  • Thank you for your comment. I shall try your proposed solution. Thanks

  • I have tried AmerO instruction. It works. I create a lightsail load balancer that attaches the lightsail Wordpress instance and the lightsail subdomain certificate. While I created lightsail subdomain certificate, I needed to manually create a CNAME record in route 53 hosted zone for lightsail certification validation.

    Then I create a record CNAME in route 53 hosted zone. The CNAME record name is the web site subdomain name, and the record value is the lightsail load balancer dns. Since I create CNAME record, I do not depend on drop down resource list selection.. The dropdown resource list does not include the lightsail load balancer.

    This is a good workaround. However, this approach does not work for Lightsail distribution.


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answered 3 months ago
  • Thank you for your comment. If they are managed separately, then my deployment is mistake. Thank yo again.


The Route 53 hosted zone does not support Lightsail load balancer.

So, Lightsail and AWS other services are independent.

Thank you for your comment.

answered 3 months ago

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