same glue job running differently when used sample method


I have a csv file with 5 million rows in my s3. I used crawler on the file. I have a custom transformations in my glue job. My issue is, if I use create_dynamic_frame_from_catalog(), it is running very slow, where as if I use create_sample_dynamic_frame_from_catalog() with max sample limit as 5 million, it is working much faster. Why it is happening. i want to speed up the job without using the sample method.

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Hello, based on the documentation, what parameter did you configure for create_sample_dynamic_frame_from_catalog function ? num is the one that defines the maximum number of records to be fetched.

Overall, regarding the job performance, there are a couple of strategies, like changing WorkerType and NumberOfWorkers parameter on the Job.

This blog post is also handy:

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