can not delete bucket: macie-sample-finding-bucket


I have administrator access.

I follow Amazon macie Getting Started

I make sure that I successfully generate sample findings generate sample findings

But I want to delete bucket: macie-sample-finding-bucket delete bucket

however I can not see this bucket in the S3 console s3 buckets

and in the command command

how to delete this bucket?

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EDIT: The reason why the macie-sample-finding-bucket is not visible is because is a global bucket made available by AWS to run macies samples and it is not in your AWS account:

Below instructions would work for buckets available in your account.

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answered 4 months ago
  • I can not see this bucket in my S3 console, how to empty the bucket?

  • See above reason, edited my answer, hope it helps

  • I have reviewed macie docs step by step, including your link. but I can not find some places that demonstrate your reason. Where did you get this information?

  • “In addition, the name of the affected S3 bucket is the same for all sample findings: macie-sample-finding-bucket.” I interpretate that the S3 bucket is the same, even because they must have a unique name globally. Indeed, if you try to create a bucket with that name, you won’t be able to as a bucket with that name already exists


Even if I forcibly insert bucket name into s3 link: Insufficient permissions to list objects

And region us-east-1 is skipped to eu-west-3.

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answered 4 months ago

This bucket macie-sample-finding-bucket is a public bucket and it is accessible by everyone. It is not your bucket, thus you can't see it in your own account.

You can make your own bucket accessible by public as well.

answered 4 months ago
  • Where did you get this information? where to download macie-sample-finding-bucket sample data? I have searched anything in the google and github, but can not find those sample data! Oh my god

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