How to connect VSCode to an EC2 with SSM?



I followed this tuto to the letter to connect my Mac Laptop running VSCode to an EC2 (tried both AL2 and Ubuntu) through an AWS SSO-managed SSM session and I get a

Could not establish connection to "i-xxxxxxxxxx": Permission denied (publickey,gssapi-keyex,gssapi-with-mic).

Note that from my Terminal I can aws ssm start-session fine to the same instance... what is wrong?

  • Hi, Olivier! Do you use SSO and are you also able to run aws sso login command from the Terminal?

  • @Ivan yes, aws sso login from my Mac Terminal works fine

  • And does it open browser session when you type ssh instance_id? I recommend to add the flag -v to ssh to see a little bit more information about the output of the commands, there should be some log lines about banners, i. e.: ssh -v instance_id

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