Amplify Cognito Auth JS Library keeps all tokens in localStorage?


Recently started building a SPA. I'm using the official AWS stand-alone Amplify javascript library for Auth. After deploying my SPA and logging in, I noticed that all of my tokens are persisted in local storage in the browser.

For example:


I'm fairly new to the frontend auth, but everything I've read has claimed that this is poor security. For example: Using browser local storage

Here’s Why Storing JWT in Local Storage is a Disastrous Mistake

Best Practices for Storing Access Tokens in the Browser

Is this something that AWS is failing to account for?

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  • Do you know if the withAuthentication wrapper handles token refreshes automatically for me?

  • Amplify will keep active session for as long as it can, but I don’t think it will automatically refresh the token. Typically I did call Auth.currentSession() which would then renew to token automatically

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