Redshift + Zero-ETL (preview). Support of more data types


Hello. We have tried the new Zero-ETL integration for the Redshift cluster which is preview now and it's great, except it does not support some RDS MySQL data types (unsigned numeric, JSON, etc.). So, is there any plans to support these types in future? Talking about JSON - it's popular data type and it would be great to have it in the Redshift, as well. And is there any estimations when Zero-ETL could become as stable release version? Thanks for your help.

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We are happy you have tried and like the new Zero-ETL integration and we appreciate your feedback and ideas . At AWS we always work backwards from our customers. As we keep innovating ,and as our future plans and updates unfold ,we would share the announcement with our customers.

answered 8 months ago

Some exciting news AWS just announced this week, four zero-ETLs to Redshift(PUBLIC PREVIEW) :

  • Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL, Amazon DynamoDB, and Amazon RDS for MySQL zero-ETL integrations with Amazon Redshift enable customers to analyze data from multiple sources without building and maintaining custom data pipelines
  • Amazon DynamoDB zero-ETL integration with Amazon OpenSearch Service enables full-text and vector search on operational data in near real time.

This article will highlight some hands on how you can get started easily. We still keep working and innovating based on our customer demand and feedback.

answered 6 months ago

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