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Good afternoon.
I created a S3 static website (public settings enabled) reachable by the Object URL. I then created a CloudFront distribution with the S3 bucket as the origin domain and an Amazon issued SSL certificate. No issues as I am able to reach the distribution through the distribution domain name. Next, I want to add a domain (Amazon is the CA and I have a hosted zone) to the distribution, but this is not working.

I added a alternate domain name in the distribution with the website domain name and created an alias in Route 53 pointing the record name to the distribution domain name. What I am missing?

My Route 53 hosted zone has NS, SOA, A (alias) and CNAME (for ACM certificate).

Thank you in advance and have a blessed holiday season.

  • Is this the Resume challenge? Are you able to load your site without "www" ?

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Ok, for the 50th time, I deleted the alias and created it again. This time it worked. Last night, AWS was having us-east-1 issues. Maybe DNS was also affected. I will close the question.

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