AWS and Multipart uploads to S3 (was being overcharged)


For those of you that use multipart uploads to S3 in AWS, here's an article that you should read. If you use this, then you know that sometimes multipart uploads fail. AWS stores those failed uploads in your S3 bucket and charges you for them every day, unless you have a Lifecyle policy set to to delete them. Here's an article on how to do that. You should also ask for a refund of those charges.

AWS is going to issue a $340 refund for me since I use this quite a bit to back up my PC backups. Thanks AWS. #aws #s3

I've coded an application that uploads and does some other functions to my AWS account using Python and I found out that AWS was charging me for space I didn't know I was using, since it doesn't show up in my bucket.

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Just to add to this, you can utilize S3 Storage Lens to check for any multipart uploads sitting around, and then create lifecycle policies to delete them regularly. There's another good blog post about it here:

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  • Personally, I think AWS should post my article about lifecycle policies and your article in their documentation whenever they talk about uploading to S3. If they were responsible, they would do that. That is, if they don't mind losing money on overcharging us.

  • I don't know why AWS doesn't let us see these failed multipart uploads in our buckets when we look at our buckets. That's another issue I have with them. It's like they are hiding these storage costs.

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