CloudWatch and metrics gathered from CWAgent. How to check retention policy?


Hi folks! I configured CWAgent on few windows EC2 instances in oder to gather Disk and RAM usage metrics. I set up this around 11.2023 (November 2023) and it worked fine. I created a dashboard in CloudWatch. Recently I've noticed that these graphs are empty on my dashboard but graphs with these metrics in Monitoring section into "AWS Console > EC2 > Monitoring" section are working. I started to investigate the problem and realized that data is present only for 2 last months. I read that by default CloudWatch keeps metrics for 15 months. I didn't find a way how to troubleshoot this strange issue.

Thank everybody for a help and tips!

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The rate at which you gather data is also going to determine the data retention period.

    One minute data points are available for 15 days.
    Five minute data points are available for 63 days.
    One hour data points are available for 455 days (15 months).
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answered 2 months ago

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