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Windows 11: Failed to generate project files


Originally asked on Unreal Marketplace:

Failed to generate project files for win11 //This could be due to another instance of UnrealBuildTool running in the background.

Do I need a different source version C++?

asked 5 months ago59 views
1 Answers
Accepted Answer

The AWS GameKit Plugin for Unreal is not validated on Windows 11, however the issue seen is reproducible on Windows 10 when not manually regenerating project files. The correct process is as follows:

  • Copy the AwsGameKit directory from the downloaded release into your <unreal_project>/Plugins directory
  • Right click on your .uproject file
  • Click "Generate Visual Studio project files."

The project can be built and launched afterwards. More detailed steps can be found in the documentation:

answered 5 months ago

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