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So I'm trying to host my endpoint with aws eb service, and for some reason, after doing the eb create <env-name>, it was taking quite some time to load and then at the very end, it says quotas reached and I need to increase the quotas on eb dashboard. I know for eb, it is charged per usage and should be available even on free tier account. I check on the eb dashboard, it just saying all the categories in the eb is unavailable (I attached the screenshot below). I'm okay to pay for it, but I don't know which categories I should be increasing there. My flask app is just having two endpoints in total and those endpoints are intended to point to my backend function which uses openai's whisper to process (not sure if this may increase the quota or not). Enter image description here One more thing to mention, I know for eb, normally when doing the creation process, it will automatically create an instance for me directly, but when I'm doing mine, it does not create any instance for me, and in the bash terminal, it says it's attempting to use the us-west region for the hosting, while the available region on my ec2 is only on us-west. PS: I'm new to this, so sorry in advance if I'm asking dumb questions. :)

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Could you please share the error message you get when you run "eb create <env-name>"?
The error message will probably tell you which quota is required.

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answered 2 months ago
  • Comment only accept 600 words max. I'm attaching a screenshot below!

  • Do I increase the quota on the ec2 instances or on the eb dashboard's categories? tbh, I do not know which instances to use there, because to what I know the eb should be creating instances on ec2 automatically through the eb create part. I'm just aiming to spend least as possible on this. Any idea on this?

  • Thank you for sharing the image. The error seems to be caused by EC2's vCPU limit. It depends on the EC2 instance type you are trying to run, but for T-based instance types, it is called "Running On-Demand Standard (A, C, D, H, I, M, R, T, Z) instances". You need to increase your quota.
    You can apply from the URL below. When applying, please change to the region where EC2 will be launched.

  • By default, "eb create" is configured with AutoScaling. If you only need a single instance, add "--single" as an option to the command. You can specify the instance type with the "-i" option.

    eb create flask-env --single -i t2.micro
  • I think that autoscaling is the one the give the error message there, so if I'm just using the single instance option, does that go pass through the autoscaling error? Or do I still need to request increase on ec2?


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answered 2 months ago

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