RDS Mysql Minor Upgrade Failed


Problem:- On AWS account 6587xxx, tried RDS instance(lcxx-rds) upgrade from 8.0.28 to 8.0.35. Unfortunatley, upgrade doesnt went through, giving an error as "Database instance is in a state that cannot be upgraded: PreUpgrade checks failed: RDS detected incompatibilities when upgrading to MySQL 8.0.35. For details, see the PrePatchCompatibility.log file in the Logs section." However, the log doesnt show up the PrePatchCompatibility.log file. Rds Instace type :- Multi-AZ Read-replica(lc-prxx-rds) successfully upgraded. How we can get the log file and get it upgraded to 8.0.35?

Expected behavior:- Since, its minor version, upgrade should happen to 8.0.35.

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1 Answer

In the AWS RDS console there is a 'events and logs' tab. The PrePatchCompatibility.log will be there.

answered 2 months ago
  • Unfortunately, we didn't see any file called PrePatchCompatibility.log.

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