Crawling DynamoDB table from another account with AWS Glue Crawler


I'm trying to figure out how to crawl a DynamoDB in another account with AWS Glue. Right now it seems like Glue can only crawl DynamoDB's in the current user's account. I've tried setting up several IAM roles and policies, and seems like they all don't work. Can anyone confirm if Glue Crawler supports accessing external DynamoDB tables?

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AWS Glue Crawlers do support cross-account crawling. Do you know if your analytics components are managed by AWS Lake Formation? If so, and assuming you've set up the proper cross-account permissions it could be that the permissions are missing Lake Formation. Check to see if the Glue crawlers have the right permissions within the Lake Formation permission management as well.

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answered a year ago
  • Thanks for replying! After looking into AWS Lake Formation, I had two questions.

    1. Seems like all the examples are about S3, and Lake Formation is optimized for S3. Does approach applies to DynamoDB?
    2. As mentioned in, it seems like for Account B to crawl data from Account A's data stores, the crawler needs to be created and run in Account A, and the result can be shared with Account B. Is there a way to build a centralized service in which the crawler is created within Account?
  • The idea is the same for both s3 and DDB, one account provides the tables (maybe by crawling) and then they are shared. With s3 you could bypass that but it's not ideal.

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