Why the bucket metrics are showing me only 4.7 GB of objects stored while I have 123 GB stored in an S3 bucket as Glacier Deep Archive?


So yesterday I uploaded 123 GB of media into an S3 bucket using aws sync command in CLI and all the data was successfully populated in the bucket. Now the bucket metrics are showing me only 4.7 GB of objects stored (1500 objects only, actual number of objects - 33k+). In Cloudwatch also, it's showing me 4.7 GB. It has been over 12 hours since the upload finished. What could be the reason behind it?

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This document may be relevant.

Note that the Amazon S3 monitoring metrics are recorded once per day. Therefore, these metrics might not display the most updated information. However, CloudWatch monitors your AWS resources and applications in real time. Also, S3 console and Storage Lens use base 2 conversion (/1024) to report storage metrics, and CloudWatch by default uses base 10 conversion (/1000).

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