Redshift cluster stuck at "Modifying"


Hi all,

Our Redshift cluster (ra3.4xlarge) is stuck at "Modifying (preparing for resize)" for many hours now. Is there something we can do to forcefully cancel the operation and/or reboot the cluster?

Any pointers much appreciated -- thanks in advance!

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Can you delete the cluster and create a new one from backup. If you use the same cluster name, the endpoint will also be the same. It will have a different IP, but the conx string should be the same. Please open a Support case with AWS, if it still doesn't change.

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answered 2 months ago
  • I was unable to delete the cluster, or indeed do any operations at all on it, for the duration that it was stuck in "Modifying (preparing for resize)" status.

    It finally went to Active after roughly 5 hours of being stuck in this state, and the Events log showed this:

    The requested elastic resize operation for Amazon Redshift cluster '<REDACTED>' failed at 2022-09-21 11:21 UTC due to internal error

    I opened a support case with AWS, but was told they don't really know why and will have to do an internal RCA to figure out what happened.

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