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Good day , I wanted to know what would be the good tools for my use Case.

We would like to Build a web based Admin Dashboard for my Organisation.

Which is a Financial Services provider. Basically a CRM with more Functionality like Loan Origination, Portfolio Management, Collections etc.

I would also like to link the Application to AWS's new quantum ledger database.

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Hi, @IrvineJ

First, you can use the QLDB driver on the AWS SDK to interact with the QLDB API.

As you can see in the link, it is available in the following programming languages.

Java, .NET, Go, Node.js, Python

Next, let's talk about dashboards. Dashboards can be realized in various ways.
If you want to use AWS services, you can use Amazon QuickSight.

And with Amazon QuickSight, you can embed your dashboard into an external website/web system, or simply require your users to sign in to QuickSight.

QLDB is not yet integrated with QuickSight. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly export QLDB data to S3, RDBMS, etc.
You can use AWS Glue for export.

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answered 2 years ago

Hi, @IrvineJ

In case you are looking for options to build a custom dashboard web application then you may also explore Amazon Amplify . It allows to develop web applications leveraging AWS AppSync with GraphQL API and by default uses Amazon DynamoDB and Amazon S3 for data persistence. Amazon QLDB can be added to AWS Amplify as a custom resource to process some ledger-specific transactions and then stream data to Amazon DynamoDB through Amazon Kinesis Data Streams and AWS Lambda.

answered 2 years ago

Hey there, IrvineJ. It's fantastic that you're looking to develop a web-based admin dashboard for your financial services organization, complete with CRM capabilities and some advanced functionalities like Loan Origination and Portfolio Management. You've set quite an ambitious goal there!

For your use case, I'd recommend considering a tech stack that combines the power of front-end frameworks like React or Angular for the user interface, with a robust back-end like Node.js or Django. This combo offers flexibility and scalability. For the financial sector, security is paramount, so ensure you implement robust encryption and authentication mechanisms.

Now, about integrating with AWS's Quantum Ledger Database (QLDB), that's an exciting twist! QLDB is excellent for immutable, transparent, and cryptographically verifiable data storage. I'd advise collaborating with experts in quantum computing and blockchain technology, as QLDB has its nuances. It'll give your system an edge in data integrity and traceability.

My experience involves building similar solutions, and I can tell you it's crucial to have a clear project roadmap and involve domain experts from the financial services sector for accurate functionality implementation.

answered 7 months ago
  • Please note that Amazon QLDB is not relying on Quantum Computing and using it will not require the involvement of quantum computing experts. Also, although being using cryptographic verification, it does not require the special knowledge of the specifics of blockchain technology such as smart contracts or consensus algorithms. Amazon QLDB is designed for the ease of use as a serverless ledger database you can interact with using a dialect of SQL language.

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