Blue/Green deployment created for MariaDB stuck in Provisioning


We have a MariaDB RDS in version 10.5.x and instance type of r5.xlarge. I created a Blue/Green Deployment to upgrade both DB version and instance type to r6g.xlarge. It creates the master instance in Green Deployment and upgraded to the latest MariaDB version yet the Blue/Green Deployment stuck in Provisioning.

Earily we have created a Blue/Green Deployment for another RDS and everything goes smooth with a very similar background. I have no idea on what should we do regarding it.

  • We have same issue with Aurora Mysql 5.7 and instance type r6g.large , deployment stuck in Provisioning ( Status - Creating read replica of source in Progress) .

  • We deleted the replica in the blue deployment and recreate the blue/green deployment and create the replica afterwards once deployed, everything works.

2 Answers

It is not exactly clear what your issue is. But you can use the AWS console to describe both the green instances and the blue green deployment to see what step is currently in provisioning.

answered a year ago

This can happen when your source cluster has too old of a version. If you cannot select your current version when creating a new cluster then this might be the issue. Either upgrade your source database cluster to a newer version or file for an exclusion request with support.

answered a year ago

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