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Hello all,

We are currently using Citrix DaaS and have encountered a concern regarding the time it takes to copy our master image to workers in AWS. Specifically, the average time for copying the master image is around 45 minutes, with an additional 5 minutes for creating the EC2 worker. Our master image's EBS volume size is 150GB.

I wanted to reach out to you to understand whether a 45-minute waiting time for image copying is normal or if there might be a bottleneck affecting the transfer speed. If anyone has experience with Citrix DaaS in AWS or similar environments, could you kindly share insights on:

  1. Is a 45-minute waiting time typical for copying a 150GB master image to workers?
  2. Are there potential bottlenecks in the system that could be causing this delay?
  3. What steps or tools can we use to identify and optimize the image transfer process?

Your expertise and guidance will be greatly appreciated as we work to enhance the efficiency of our Citrix DaaS deployment in AWS.

Thank you in advance for your valuable input!

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150 GB in 45 min is approx a throughput of 555 Mbps.

The throughput you can expect for some type of instance is detailled at

aws ec2 describe-instance-types --filters "Name=instance-type,Values=c5.*" --query "InstanceTypes[].[InstanceType, NetworkInfo.NetworkPerformance]" --output table
|       DescribeInstanceTypes       |
|  c5.4xlarge  |  Up to 10 Gigabit  |
|  c5.xlarge   |  Up to 10 Gigabit  |
|  c5.12xlarge |  12 Gigabit        |
|  c5.24xlarge |  25 Gigabit        |
|  c5.9xlarge  |  10 Gigabit        |
|  c5.2xlarge  |  Up to 10 Gigabit  |
|  c5.large    |  Up to 10 Gigabit  |
|  c5.metal    |  25 Gigabit        |
|  c5.18xlarge |  25 Gigabit        |

To go more into details, you should add some details about your exact config (instance types, location, etc.) to your question. Thanks!

About your point on tools, you should probably start with Flow Logs ( and then go to traffic mirroring with if you don't get what you need with flow logs



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