How to find creation date of AWS linked accounts in an AWS Organization



Our AWS Organization currently has more than 100 linked accounts, most of them were invited to join our Organization. Is there a way to get the creation date of all these accounts (without having to login to every single account)?


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If you use the AWS CLI v2, you can get the date when the accounts where successfully added to your organization. Here's the instructions on installing AWS CLI v2 -

The command is:

aws organizations list-create-account-status --states SUCCEEDED

This will provide a list of accounts that were successfully added to your organization and the date when the request was initiated and completed successfully. More information -

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answered a year ago
  • Thank you for your answer, but what I need is the date when the account was created (whether it was created by the Organization or created as a standalone account), not the date when the invitation was sent or accepted.

  • I was thinking that the accounts were yours and typically, they would be attached to the org almost right after creation or during creation so the invitation date would be about the same. Unfortunately I don't know of another way without looking at the billing history of each account.

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