Certain EBS snapshot can't be restored.



I want to access to the EBS snapshot that I have created.

To do this,

  1. I tried to make the snapshot into volume and attach it to the ec2,
  2. and I also tried to create new AMI with the snapshot and run it on new ec2 instance.

However, when I use that certain EBS snapshot, both cases are keep giving me 1/2 instance status error, so I can't connect to the ec2 for data extraction. I only have one snapshot and I really need to recover data from that EBS snapshot.

Is there any way? Please I need help. Thank you.

Volume that is created with EBS snapshot seems like it has no error... Enter image description here

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1 Answer

Create a new instance and attach the volume you created with the snapshot to the new instance, not as the root volume. See: Attach an Amazon EBS volume to an instance.

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answered a year ago

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