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Does AWS Disaster Recovery Service (DRS) support agentless replication, similar to what is commonly observed in AWS Application Migration Service (MGN)?

If agentless replication is supported, could you provide guidance on where to find the relevant documentation for implementing agentless replication in AWS DRS?

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No, the AWS DRS does not support agentless replication at least at the current time. You need to install the replication agent on all the supported platforms as per official istructions.

answered 22 days ago

yes it supports agentless replication

you can review the following article about it

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answered 3 months ago
  • Sorry for confusion. I means for AWS Disaster Recovery Service. The above link said it support for MGN. Is it the same service or what will be the differences.

  • sorry for the misunderstanding

    Amazon DRS needs agents to perform initial block-level read so you need with current version

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