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Hi all,

I wanted to ask if anyone had success in connecting to an AWS Redshift datashare's consumer DB from an analytic tool like Power BI. I am trying to connect my Redshift datashare's consumer DB to Power BI but while connecting I am only shown options to connect to the cluster's own DB and not the shared DB.

Anyone able to accomplish this successfully? Thanks.

Regards, Raunak

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You cannot connect to database created from datasharing since it is an external database. Redshift have a cross-database query feature which allows you to access tables in other database by <database>.<schema>.<table> but some BI tools are not compatible with this syntax. In this case, you can create an external schema in your local database which references the external database.

dev  <- local database
┗public_ext  <- create this schema
dev_ext  <- external database from datasharing

Query to create the schema:

answered a year ago
  • Hi Yota, thanks very much for this response. I have just created the external schema(referring to the datasharing DB) in my redshift local DB successfully. Unfortunately, I cannot access redshift vis PowerBI from my Home PC but only from office network. So I cannot wait to go office tomorrow to try this out. After that I will mark your answer as accepted but thank you, thank you, thank you for this!

  • Tested this with Power BI and confirmed this approach works. Very useful and thanks Yota!

  • Great, thank you for the update!

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