Account Verification issue with new accounts joined under existing AWS Organization


I have experienced a few times that new AWS accounts created under AWS Organization don't get verified. Hence, I was not able to use services like CloudFront Distribution, CodeBuild project, etc. because the default limit doesn't get applied until verification is done. When I opened a support case with AWS, they ask to submit a request for a limit increase. But in reality, this is not a service limit or quota issue. I wasn't able to create one CDN distribution or run one CodeBuild project. If I go to Service Quotas and request for CDN distribution limit, I can't put any value lower than 200 because that's the default quota. But I literally need to create just one distribution.

AWS needs to tackle these two issues differently. If customers are not able to use any service due to account verification then that should not be treated as service limit issue. If there is any AWS representative here to respond to this, I can share the case numbers for reference.

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Hi Ricky,

I'm sorry for any frustration regarding our processes for account verification and service quotas, and I've passed along your feedback internally for further review. Since we're not able to discuss account or case specifics here for security reasons, I recommend providing feedback directly within your cases for our support agents to reference, so we may better assist you.

Best regards,

- Kita B.

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