DCV file download permissions within Nimble Studio


We need to allow Nimble Studio users to download files from nice DCV sessions, to their local machines.

There is general information on Nice DCV here: https://docs.aws.amazon.com/dcv/latest/adminguide/security-authorization.html

...however, in the context of Nimble Studio, when I am updating a Launch Profile's AMI, and I edit the C:\Program Files\NICE\DCV\Server\conf\default.perm file, and push that AMI update all the way through to a Lanuch Profile to boot up with that edited permissions default, it doesnt propogate through to the end users.

The default.perm file, when logged in as Administrator during the AMI update, had this added/edited to it (everything else remained commeted out):

%any% allow file-download

... when an End User boots the Launch Profile, with the updated AMI, their C:\Program Files\NICE\DCV\Server\conf\default.perm file has the following (!?):

%any% disallow builtin
%any% allow display audio-out pointer
%owner% allow builtin
%any% deny file-download

My users cant download the work they are producing in the cloud, looking forward to resolving this! :D

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Hey there! On the permission side, if you would like to allow downloads for the owner and not for collaborators, you can remove the last line of the second config. Note that explicit denies cannot have an override and disallows will need to have a subsequent allow permission to override.

%any% disallow builtin #Dont allow any feature to anyone (can be overridden)
%any% allow display audio-out pointer #Allow everyone to display stream, audio out, and pointer control
%owner% allow builtin #Allow owner of session to have all features 

This config means everyone can collaborate, but they are limited to pointer control and audio out. The owner will have all features including download.

I suspect that Nimble Studios is overwriting your configuration. Have you tried updating the default.perm with a custom configuration?

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answered a year ago

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