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I have 3 websites hosted with AWS, but I cannot see how they can be backed up (I need a remote (ie, my Google Drive) copy of each. I've tried installing a plugin (Updraft), but have got an error "Installation failed, could not create directory."

If there's an easy way of fixing this, could you please explain it to me like I was 5 years old (or maybe a little bit older)?

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To fix the "Installation failed, could not create directory" error while installing a backup plugin on your AWS-hosted websites, ensure your website has proper permissions and sufficient storage space. You might need to adjust file access permissions or clean up unused files to make room for new plugins.

For backing up your websites to Google Drive, consider two approaches:

  1. Manual Backup: Manually download your website files using an FTP client and export your database via a tool like phpMyAdmin. Then, upload these files and the database export to Google Drive. This method requires periodic manual effort to keep the backups current.

  2. Automatic Backup Solution: If manual backups are too cumbersome, explore other automatic backup plugins or services that can schedule and automate the process of backing up your website files and database to Google Drive or other cloud storage services. Solutions like BackupBuddy, BlogVault, or Jetpack backups can facilitate this process but may require initial setup assistance from someone with technical expertise.

Regular backups ensure that you have a recent copy of your website that can be restored in case of data loss or website issues.

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