How to Transfer an AWS Domain from a Suspended AWS Account


Hi, I have an AWS Domain that is trapped (for years) in an inaccessible AWS Account -I.e. AWS says the account is permanently closed. Assuming that this domain is How do I initiate the transfer of to my other accessible AWS console?


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AWS Support can also help you transfer the domain to another domain registrar.

  • Once 90 days has passed from when you closed your account, you can no longer reopen it. Route 53 doesn't automatically renew your domain registration even if automatic renewal is turned on.
  • If you closed your AWS account, or if the account is suspended or terminated, You need contact AWS Support and ask them for help with the following options:
  • If you don't want to keep the domain registration, AWS Support can disable automatic renewal for the domain. This prevents you from getting several reminder emails about domain renewal.
  • If you do want to keep the domain registration, AWS Support can help you transfer the domain registration to another AWS account.
answered a year ago

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