Internal Server Exception to access Bedrock Knowledge Base


I wrote a code to access the Amazon Bedrock Knowledge Base and it worked successfully but now I am having the error below. How to fix it?

Exception occurred: An error occurred (InternalServerException) when calling the RetrieveAndGenerate operation (reached max retries: 4): Internal Server Exception

**Code: def askQuestion2(question): session = boto3.Session() bedrock_agent_runtime = session.client('bedrock-agent-runtime') request = { "input": {'text': question}, "retrieveAndGenerateConfiguration": { "type": "KNOWLEDGE_BASE", "knowledgeBaseConfiguration": { "knowledgeBaseId": "xxxxxxxxx", "modelArn": "arn:aws:bedrock:us-east-1::foundation-model/anthropic.claude-v2" } }, }

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You may want to subscribe to this issue on Github:

They seem to experience same error as you



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answered 2 months ago

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